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In 1969, the first message was sent over the Internet’s predecessor, ARPANET. Today the human population is 7.3 billion and the number of connected objects is between 15-20 billion. In 2025 we estimate the Internet of Everything (people, processes, data, things) will encompass over 50 billion connected objects. We’ve started living in the Internet of Things (IoT).

One million lines of code typically has 100,000 bugs pre-test; to make matters worse, organizations will ship approximately 1,000 undiscovered defects.

We are entering upon a new Industrial Revolution that is defining new ways to create new kinds of products faster than ever before.

One could claim that IoT is a subset of IoE (Internet of Everything). Don’t ask yourself what are the other components of “Everything”, because you could go mad... so let’s keep it simple and consider that “People” + “Things” = “Everything”. It’s up to you where to put “Animals” (which are surely connectable), and “Souls”, the connection of which (or whom?) to the Internet could be a little trickier.


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