Polarion Automotive Solutions for OEMs and Suppliers

  • Seamless real-time collaboration
  • Built-in support for ReqIF data exchange, and/or through common document formats such as Word/Excel® or PDF®
  • Contextual visibility improves team effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive traceability and automated tracking speeds and protects functional safety compliance.
  • Model Driven development with Polarion's Diagram Editor, plus integration with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and with MATLAB® Simulink
  • Intuitive workflow drives rapid adoption.
  • Enabling automotive industry project templates facilitate functional safety compliance, process assessment, Agile development practices, and other objectives.

ISO 26262 / IEC 61508 Qualification


  • Functional safety standards require that tools used to develop considered software be qualified.
  • Certified by independent authority TÜV NORD as "Trusted Tool” for functional safety standards 
  • Minimizes qualification efforts up to ASIL D/TCL 2
  • Independent certification assures the Tool Confidence Level of Polarion solutions.
  • Trusted Tool assurance for Polarion extends to the most stringent Automotive Safety Integrity Level.
  • Independent third-party qualification of Polarion as a trusted development environment speeds functional safety risk assessment processes.


Automotive Solution Highlights

Polarion Automotive - Comments Document Combined

Unlock synergy by facilitating real-time collaboration of distributed teams via browser-based access to one centralized tool with “easy-as-Word” Polarion LiveDoc functionality.

Speed up information exchange while protecting quality via wikis, subscriptions, live dashboards, change alerts and access-controlled threaded commenting, as well as electronic signatures.

Support knowledge workers and domain experts who want to stay in their familiar environment via unique Polarion Round-trip functionality for Microsoft® Word/Excel® and ready-made plug-ins for popular 3rd-party tools such as HP® Quality Center®, Atlassian® Jira®, MATLAB®/Simulink®, DOORS® and more. Enable lossless requirements exchange with customers and suppliers through built-in ReqIF

Polarion Automotive - SPICE & CMMIReach higher SPICE & CMMI levels quickly and pass any audit or regulatory inspection through traceability that is easily implemented and guaranteed via automatic change control of every requirement from elicitation through reuse, to derivatives.

Automated workflow control, complete lifecycle traceability linking, and comprehensive automated artifact history with PDF and other outputs makes it easy to document compliance.

A Modern Requirements Management solution that helps you innovate at unprecedented speeds while improving quality and managing a complex lifecycle of compliance and regulatory standards. Find out more on the Migration Center for DOORS

Feature Model

Supplements Polarion Automotive Solutions to include new capabilities of delivering mass variation and customization, based upon Product Line Engineering (PLE) concepts. 

Allows articulation of software variety and customization in terms of features --which can be anything from functionality, supported environments, market considerations, quality attributes, business constraints, etc.

A set of artifacts for each variant are dynamically generated or determind, shaped according to the specified feature mapping --the combination of features which comprise each software variant.

Success Stories

Customer Success Story Küster Automotive
“Polarion´s ISO 26262 qualification saves us a great deal of effort and cost in our own qualification process.”

Maria Eugenia Zuniga,
Quantum Technologies

"Polarion’s recent integrations  with MATLAB® Simulink®, Klocwork’s and others show a real deep understanding for their target markets."

Michael Azoff,
Principal Analyst, OVUM

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