Accelerate External Review

Make review and approval by partners, suppliers, and customers highly efficient by providing access to contextual information.

Project administrators can assign review access with the same granular level of security, permissions, and views of all Polarion solutions. Reviewer rights may also be invoked as a matter of workflow on project and/or global basis.

Support Cost-Effective Collaboration

Unlock synergies by enabling stakeholders that need to review and approve work to securely intersect with the project content and team members on a cost-effective basis, extending the same amazing collaboration features across all collaborators.

For instance, allow external supply chain partner with years of expertise to allow them to assist with compliance reviews. Empower the manager to effectively review and approve task completion. Support the CFO who needs to review and approve financial impact.

Ideal For:

  • Partners, Suppliers, Customers
  • Managers who need to approve task completion
  • CFOs who need to approve financial impact

Solution Highlights

  • Ability to comment on all work items, approve them, and verify approvals with digital signatures from any browser enabled device
  • Full content read access with Commenting and Approval
  • Affordable license fee – as low as $29.00 per user!
  • Nothing to install or distribute
  • Same UI as other Polarion products for easy adoption and ease-of use
  • Granular level of security, permissions, and views
My Flow  Review

Success Stories

“The use of Polarion during the DO-178B audit was, simply stated, incredible. We were able to easily and quickly show that all changes to our software were tracked and reviewed and that our process was followed.”

an Aerospace Manufacturer

Polarion REVIEWER works with all Polarion solutions:
Polarion ALM, Polarion REQUIREMENTS and Polarion QA.

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