Effectively gather, author, approve and manage requirements for complex systems across entire project lifecycles.

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Complete Requirements Management Solution

Polarion REQUIREMENTS is designed from the ground for highly effective, transparent and secure collaboration, while teams have the option to work in their familiar environments.

An exclusive innovation you won’t find elsewhere, Polarion LiveDoc  - online structured specification documents,  are fast becoming the way companies of all sizes gather, author, approve, validate, and manage requirements.

Grow into Polarion’s Test Management and/or enterprise ALM solutions that seamlessly tie in with your requirements data. Just add licenses to your installation... nothing to install or integrate.


Immediate Benefits and Value

  • Accelerate collaboration with 100% browser-based access and concurrent editing of specification documents
  • Easily Import and parse existing Microsoft Office documents. Export  for offline collaboration so changes made outside of Polarion can be imported back seamlessly
  • Pass any audit, compliance, or regulatory inspection with traceability that is easily implemented and guaranteed via automatic change control
  • Invite and require stakeholders to electronically sign the specification documents as reviewed or approved before they can be released to production
  • Live Branches and Document Reuse let you manage commonalities in your products without copy and paste

Built for Your Success

Polarion Software delivers the Requirements Management solution of choice for over 200 Fortune 1000 customers. Since 2005, our solution has matured into a robust, secure, efficient and easy to use toolset proven to help teams succeed in challenging times.



Collaboration doesn't mean everyone can access everything all the time.

Polarion enables teams to collaborate on shared assets easily, in a secured environment. You decide who can see what, who can change what, and when, via granular permission controls and robust configurable workflow automation.


Easy to Use

Don't expect success if people dislike the tools they have to use.

Authoring requirements is as easy as using Microsoft Word, with none of the disadvantages on the data management side. We designed our solution with a deep understanding of different user roles, and built a UI that adjusts to fit.



A Proof of Concept is one thing. Production is another matter entirely.

We know that in real life you may need to manage extra large enterprise data, hundreds of projects, and millions of requirements. With Polarion REQUIREMENTS, you can... in one unified repository, optionally across multiple servers, without compromising performance and usability.

“Using Polarion solutions, we are better able to handle the product development process end-to-end, including all documents needed in our complex and cross-linked development systems.
Major benefits for us include the automated traceability, impact analysis and suspect link traces fully unified with change and version management.
The biggest benefit for WaveLight is the ease of reuse (of artifacts such as Requirements) across different projects.”

Werner Motzet,


Creators of Leading Neuromodulation Device Increase Quality with Polarion

"Polarion is helping us achieve the higher quality we aspire to reach, and saving us money at the same time."

Senior Manager,
Systems and Software Engineering

“New software projects at T-Systems start with a standardized T-Systems (project) template in Polarion.
But teams can customize every project taking into account the requirements of their customers, or how their development environment is set up.
We believe that the balance between standardization on the one hand, and individual requirements on the other is perfectly achieved by Polarion.”

Dr. Markus Liebelt,
T-Systems International

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