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Customer Services & Support

Polarion - at your service!

100% Satisfaction

Polarion also scored with 93% on the total Customer Sentiment scale as well, an area in which "Many established ALM vendors have faltered" say Ovum, an independent IT analyst.

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  1. first check here! Before you ask, check out the Resources & Downloads
  2. Then contact us! If you did not find the answer, contact us by:

Software Support and Maintenance Levels


1 contact eligible to open cases via:


2 contacts eligible to open cases via:


5 contacts eligible to open cases via:

Access to Customer Service Portal = Access to Customer Service Portal   ·   Live Chat Support = Live Chat Support   ·   Phone Support = Phone Support
  • Installation, Update, Configuration
  • Advice on additional extensions
  • Log analysis
  • Full support for the bundled Apache Subversion repository
  • Support for additional technologies used with Polarion - Apache, LDAP, Lucene, Ant, Maven etc.
  • Enrollment in Polarion Annual Early Access Program
  • Access to Polarion self-serve Knowledge Center
  • Clustering support
  • Remote assistance
  • Priority case handling
  • Eligibility for Polarion Hosted Services
  • Assigned Technical Account Representative*
  • Free web-based training
  • Project-centric Support
  • Assistance with Cluster setup and fine-tuning
  • API Support

* A designated Technical Account Representative is assigned to Silver level customers with a minimum $20,000.00 annual support subscription.

  • Performance tuning
  • Regular maintenance
  • Free attendance at Polarion User Meeting
  • Annual on-site visit by Assigned Technical Account Representative
  • Free Staging Server
  • Remote Server Health Check
  • Planned Weekend Support
  • Migration/Upgrade Support

+ All features from Bronze

+ All features from Silver

+ All features from Bronze

All valid maintenance agreements are Bronze
unless contractually noted otherwise
Upgrade to Silver Upgrade to Gold


View full details of Response Times,
Supported Platforms, Eligibility...

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Severity Levels & Response Time

Severity Levels are designed to determine the criticality of a reported customer problem and are a method for escalating certain case.

Severity Level 1 24 h

Severity Level 2 36 h

Severity Level 3 48 h

icon Coverage: 9:00 to 17:00
Monday through Friday

Severity Level 1 12 h

Severity Level 2 24 h

Severity Level 3 36 h

icon Coverage: 9:00 to 17:00
Monday through Friday

Severity Level 1  1 h

Severity Level 2  6 h

Severity Level 3 12 h

icon Coverage: 24h
Monday through Friday

Did you know?

You can find most of your answers in Polarion’s Customer Service Portal Knowledge Center?

Did you know?

With Gold Maintenance Level you have direct phone line access to your assigned technical support representative?

Did you know?

You can discuss your problems, get solutions and share your ideas in our community forum?

Did you know?

You have a dedicated Polarion technical contact in your company that might help you with your question before you approach Polarion Support?

Did you know?

With Silver and Gold Maintenance Levels you have dedicated Technical Account Representatives?

Did you know?

As Gold Customer you will get response for Severity 1 cases in 1 hour?

Become a Polarion Expert

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