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Migrate from DOORS:
Polarion Migration Center for DOORS

The Polarion Migration Center® for DOORS
is a one-stop solution that will

  1. let you browse DOORS demo data in Polarion to immediately see and feel the difference our system will make for you and your organization,
  2. provide you with an unprecedented offer to migrate 2 DOORS modules for FREE, time to thoroughly evaluate Polarion REQUIREMENTS running with your migrated DOORS data,
  3. for an extended migration if needed provide you with support from an experienced consultant.

With absolutely no obligation to purchase, there is nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Modernize your Requirements Management application with Polarion’s world famous browser-based software fully populated with all your DOORS legacy data. Absolutely nothing is lost during the data migration – low risk and highest quality results for your business guaranteed.

Restore Business Agility, Retain Competitive Advantages, Lower Maintenance Costs, Upgrade to a Browser-based Solution.

A DOORS legacy solution can pose a real risk to your business. DXL poorly documented customizations are expensive to maintain and difficult to extend and thus can have a severe negative impact. The DOORS maintenance together with the fat client infrastructure associated with making DOORS operational incurs huge operational costs.

  • Browse demo data in Polarion
    See and feel the difference a modern web-based system will make for you and your organization.
  • Know before you go if your data is compatible
    Evaluate Polarion REQUIREMENTS with your own data migrated from DOORS. No obligation to purchase anything.
  • Have an expert helping hand during migration
    Rely on the support of an experienced consultant for your full migration.

Take advantage of the ability to:

  • Reduce your DOORS direct and operating costs by 60% or more
  • Move to modern browser-based technology from Polarion Software
  • Improve your Requirements Management application with amazing advantages such like Document-like editor, full traceability, simplified web-based collaboration, support for any process or workflow and easy reuse
  • Maintain the integrity and traceability of your project/product data
  • Maintain strict security, reliability and confidence throughout the entire migration process

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