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The Power of Polarion Software®

Unlock Team Synergies Across Product and Project Lifecycles

Align everyone around what is being built and why in real-time, throughout the development lifecycle, and across projects, to accelerate Product, Software and Embedded Systems Development via one unified repository.

Connect all stakeholders with the right level of functionality and context to unlock tremendous team synergies. Specialists can stay in their familiar environment, while all work items are centralized and linked to automate quality assurance and proof of compliance, plus enable efficient reuse, issue-, change- and variant management.

Solve Specific Challenges and Evolve With Your Needs

Solve specific challenges with one or a mix of Polarion’s products built ontop of the unified Polarion Platform to accelerate collaboration, integrity and innovation, with the option to seamlessly evolve in steps with growing organizational demands.

Polarion® ALM™

The Unified Application Lifecycle Management Solution

Accelerate Innovation: Unlocking synergies across all collaborators & support
contextual planning, full tracking, and real-time reporting.
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The Complete Requirements Management Solution

Accelerate Collaboration: Effectively coordinate and track all requirements
management activities to advance business objectives.
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Polarion® QA™

The Unified Test Management Solution

Accelerate Integrity: Effectively coordinate and track all test and quality management
activities with real-time visibility & versioning.
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Polarion® PRO

Unlock Creativity to deliver Engineering Excellence

Add this configuration to any of the above solutions to cost-effectively empower developers to focus on their tasks to accelerating innovation, while protecting quality and compliance via administrative task automation (not available stand-alone)

Polarion® REVIEWER

Enable Cost-Effective Validation by Managers and External Stakeholders

Add this configuration to any of the above solutions to cost-effectively enable internal and external stakeholders to review and comment on work items, plus effectively indicate approval via electronic signatures that are compliant with regulatory guidelines such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (not available stand-alone).
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Combine 5 Configurations to Unlock Team Synergies and Optimize Pricing

Select the number and type of configurations you need to unify and empower the different users on your team, while keeping Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) the lowest in the industry.

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Add Variant Management to the Power of Polarion

Polarion® VARIANTS

Efficiently Handle Variants with Reliability and Compliance

Streamline Unified Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for Product Line Engineering through an innovative approach that transcends the limits of reuse and in turn reduces testing, while protecting quality and safety.
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Solve Challenges Unique to Your Environment

Take advantage of specialized capabilities with out-of-the-box workflows to get teams started quickly, and easily configure or customize them to map to your processes to accelerate collaboration among disparate teams and effectively pursue innovation.

Polarion® Automotive

Accelerate Functional Safety in ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE, and CMMI

Software has become the key differentiator in the automotive industry, but it has also increased complexities and risk. Thorough knowledge of industry standards combined with Polarion capabilities has proven to accelerate innovation for our automotive customers.
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Polarion® Medical Device

Accelerate Medical Device Innovation and Automate Proof of Compliance

Software is driving differentiation for manufacturers of medical devices, but it has also increased complexities and risk. Thorough knowledge of industry standards combined with Polarion capabilities has proven to accelerate innovation for our medical customers.
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Polarion® Agile

Increase Agility While Protecting Compliance, Your Way

Agility has become a mandate in modern development, but has also increased complexity and risk. With Polarion, you can increase speed and agility by uncoupling and streamlining software development workflows as well as agile planning, while automating proof of compliance via comprehensive traceability throughout the lifecycle and across projects.
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Polarion® SaaS

Accelerate Collaboration, Integrity and Innovation, without IT Headaches

Get all the benefits Polarion solutions have to offer, without having to worry about availability, security and performance, or solution updates. Get up and running within 24 hours with the lowest upfront capital investment.
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Extend Polarion’s Power while Maintaining Unified Management and Full Traceability

Migrate and integrate multiple incompatible disparate applications with Polarion’s unified solution, and manage the integrations centrally to speed up development and maintenance plus get out-of-box access to the other integrated applications without having to worry about interfacing with any of the other applications integrated on the platform.

Polarion® Extension Portal

Extend Polarion’s Power with Ecosystem Applications

Leverage 200+ Extensions to enhance the functionality of Polarion, tapping into real life solutions developed by our technology partners and customers.
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Extension Highlights:

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Polarion Connector for HP®Quality Center®

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