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We are Polarion Software
The creators of the world’s fastest enterprise scale web-based ALM solution. The success of Polarion Software is best described by the hundreds of Global 1000 companies and over 1 Million users who rely daily on Polarion’s Requirements Management, Quality Assurance and Application Lifecycle Management solutions in their business processes. Polarion is a thriving international company with offices across Europe and North America, and a wide ecosystem of partners world-wide.
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Our Vision

Our vision is to release the potential of ALM to solve important problems for people and the planet. We do this through strong leadership, unwavering values, and a talented employee base. We invite you to enjoy our company's rich history of innovation, customer commitment, and community involvement.

How to get Get Involved

We want to know how you could help us catalyze the potential of ALM. There are many possible ways to get involved.
If you want to help us release the potential of ALM, here are some things you could do to help:

You are invited to become a part of Polarion’s vision to release the potential of ALM
for the benefit of people everywhere!

Objective and Approach

We achieve our vision with a single unified browser based enterprise application focused on quality, scalability, collaboration, and ease of use.
Polarion Smile
Easy to use and support true enterprise browser application designed for distributed and centralized project teams.
Polarion Center
Unequaled customer support and a trust based approach to all customers and partners.
Polarion Wide Range
The widest range of licensing and installation options from Internally or Externally hosted, to Term or Perpetual all working together and changeable at any time.

Polarion Solution

Compliance solution for wide range standards ISO, IEC, CMMI, SPICE, FDA, FAA or any internal or external regulatory mandate with guaranteed Traceability maintained at any point of time for any byte of data.
Polarion Components
Leverage proven and reliable components like Subversion, Apache, Maven, Lucene, Wiki to reduce development costs and provide our customers with disruptive low total cost of ownership, and absolutely no vendor lock-in.
Polarion Customers
Polarion Customers
Polarion Customers
Polarion Customers

Polarion's Unique Advantages

Unlike competitive tools that require complex, costly, and often fragile integrations, Polarion is unified by design - a true integrated real-time solution that provides forensic traceability and transparency, supporting all essential software development process activities in one easy to use browser based solution covering:
  • Requirements Management
  • Test Case Management
  • Task Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Compliance Management
  • Project Management
  • Change and Variance Management
  • Build and Release Management
Polarion Software is dedicated to improving the efficiency of product development by removing the guesswork, and enabling all team members from developers and testers, thru project managers, to executives, to understand and appreciate the actual state of product development in their organization, right now, today.

Your Story

My Situation

Over the last several years, my relationship with my work and technology has changed significantly. Before, I would arrive at work and know exactly my role for the week, even month. Now, I arrive at work, I wear a different hat with different responsibilities for multiple projects that I juggle on a daily basis. Instead of being tied to a single, company-issued PC, my work activities extend to my smartphone, a tablet device, and even my own personal computer.

Fat client software is the problem. The old rules and solutions based on fat client solutions no longer apply to knowledge workers.

The Solution

Polarion’s industry leading browser based software is a game-changer, a secure life line, with a focus to supporting me and my colleagues to drive innovation. Don’t give me a manual the size of an encyclopedia and expect me to read it, don’t take me off-line for weeks of training, don’t force me to use a dumb fat client application.

Polarion provides the flexibility and the freedom of convenience to be productive and competitive by using true browser based software with instant updates, workflow, and collaboration.

My Situation

My budgets are flat or being cut, yet my organization is expecting more from me and my teams; my teams are distributed across the country and globally with multiple projects, roles, managers, and priorities. There is increasing demands for compliance, risk analysis, performance improvements, and quality delivered reliably and consistently.

Silos of data with clumsy integrations is the problem. The old methods and processes based on fat client solutions no longer provide the results I need in order efficiently manage and deliver today´s expectations.

The Solution

Polarion´s industry leading browser based software is unified by design since first release in 2005. Everything I and my teams require is managed by one UI and one common repository of data that is open and flexible to share with any other application or team of workers. I can securely manage all users, all projects, all work items, from any web enabled device, from any location.

Polarion simplifies project management efforts and reduces my team´s costs and workload, while improving the product quality, accelerating delivery, and the end-user experience.

My Situation

Revenue growth and cost optimization, driving innovation, talent attraction and retention, government and industry regulations, partner trust and cooperation. Before Polarion:

  • We had no real time project status regarding resources, costs, schedules, to perform impact analysis or improve productivity
  • We ran old fat client software with a substandard user experience that made it difficult to retain the best employees or attract new ones
  • Our innovation was crippled by our inability to collaborate with the latest mobile and cloud technology advances
  • Holes in our lifecycle traceability and inability to provide auditors with forensic level details made government compliance unachievable or exorbitantly expensive

The Solution

Polarion solved all of the above challenges and allows me to be more strategic when responding to business needs in real time. Polarion increased data reliability, and reduced user complexity. Providing our knowledge workers the freedom to choose their work location and devices while reducing costs without compromising security helps me to secure our role as an innovative leader in our industry.

I now have a direct impact on my company´s revenue growth, innovation, risk management, talent attraction and retention.

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Our team is ready to discuss your situation, answer your questions, and show you how stepping up to Polarion can increase efficiency and competitiveness, lower your total costs for tools, and deliver solid return on investment – painlessly! » Contact us!