Core Functionality

Collaboration, Traceability and Workflow - 3 core principles built into our DNA

  • Facilitate synchronicity and easy access via 100% Browser-Based Access to All Polarion Data
  • Enable real-time communication between Analysts, Engineers, QA Members and DevOps Teams etc. via threaded discussions, wikis, notifications, alerts & more
  • Pass any auditcompliance, or regulatory inspection with traceability that is easily implemented and guaranteed via automatic change control of every requirement
  • Manage work items and documents via workflows that enforce how and when they move from state to state based on definable rules, with full audit trails, electronic signature and security
  • Time Machine – Browse, search and report any historical state of your project just like you do the current state
  • Use Native Clustering For Load Balancing and Failover Strategies
  • Leverage Out-Of-The-Box Integrations and Open APIs to Extend Functionality
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