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Polarion Resources: Tutorials


Polarion Portal: Introduction

  • Select and open a project
  • Manage your favorite projects
  • Change your working time and project assignments
  • Use quick search
(Duration: 4:20 minutes)

Searching your Polarion Portal

  • Starting a content search
  • Refining the search scope
  • Expanding the search range
  • Searching the Activity Stream
(Duration: 7:27 minutes)

Getting started with the Wiki

  • Accessing the Wiki
  • Creating spaces and pages
  • Linking
  • Macros
(Duration: 7:15 minutes)

Traceability Basics

  • Navigate and analyze traceability
  • Define link roles
  • Define how items should be linked together
  • Linking items with other items
(Duration: 5 minutes)

Logging work time with Work Records

  • How to log your work time using Polarion’s Work Records
(Duration: 7 minutes)

Approval Center Basics

  • * Automate formal approval process with workflow
  • Review overall state of approvals
  • Find items awaiting your approval
  • Approve/disapprove single or multiple items
  • Manage approval process discussions
(Duration: 6:10 minutes)

Work Items

Browsing Work Items

  • Typical work item queries
  • Creating custom table views
  • Link and edit work items
  • Introduction to the standard views
(Duration: 10 minutes)

Comments & Threads in Polarion Work Items

  • Add comments to work items
  • Add watchers which should be informed by your comment
  • Reply to comments
  • Add comments to a document and reply to them
(Duration: 2:18 minutes)

Work Item Queries

  • The Query Engine
  • Basic Graphical Queries
  • Saving and Reusing Queries
  • Command-line Queries
  • Queries in Wiki Reports
(Duration: 4 minutes)

Easy Linking for Traceability

  • Linking Work Items in a LiveDoc
  • Linking Work Items across 2 LiveDocs
  • Linking Work Items in the Tracker
(Duration: 2 minutes)

Easy Prioritization

  • What to use for prioritizing
  • Retrieving Work Items
  • Accessing the panel
  • Prioritization concepts
  • Prioritization Panel tools
  • Drag-and-drop prioritization
  • Initial priority scaling
(Duration: 5 minutes)


Polarion LiveDoc™ Documents

  • What are LiveDocs?
  • Create your first Document
  • Add requirements to your document
  • Structure and link requirements within your document
  • Link requirements to items in other documents
(Duration: 4 minutes)

Import from Microsoft Word

  • Define how requirements are recognized during import
  • Set requirement fields based on keywords in the description
  • Save your import configuration for later reuse  
(Duration: 5 minutes)

Round-trip for Microsoft Word

  • Collaboration with Microsoft Word Users
  • What you can do
  • Exporting for round-trip
  • Restricting changes
  • Using an exported Document
  • Re-import of changes
(Duration: 5 minutes)

Polarion Live-Branch™ Variant Management

  • Branch any Document to create a variant
  • Branch latest state or any revision
  • Control updating of variant from master
(Duration: 8 minutes)

Importing Artifacts from Microsoft Excel

  • Import Basics
  • Mapping Excel columns to Polarion fields
  • Import preview
  • Saving import rules for reuse
(Duration: 10 minutes)

Round-trip for Microsoft Excel®

  • Why use Excel round-trip?
  • Round-trip process overview
  • Requirements round-trip
  • Test Cases round-trips
(Duration: 4:40 minutes)

Reusing Documents

  • Reusing Documents
  • Options for Reuse
  • Stand-alone copies
  • Derived Documents
  • Propagating changes
  • Document Library
(Duration: 8 minutes)

Easy Linking for Traceability

  • Linking Work Items in a LiveDoc
  • Linking Work Items across 2 LiveDocs
  • Linking Work Items in the Tracker
(Duration: 2 minutes)


Test Management Overview

  • Project Templates for TCM
  • Main features overview
  • Test Case Documents
  • Test Runs & Templates
  • Creating Test Cases
  • Linking to Requirements
(Duration: 8 minutes)

Test Specifications

  • Test Specification Projects
  • Options for Creating Test Specs
  • Importing Existing Test Cases
  • Creating New Test Cases
  • Linking to Verified Requirements
(Duration: 4:27 minutes)

Test Runs

  • What is a Test Run?
  • Browsing existing Test Runs
  • Creating new Test Runs
  • Test Run Templates
(Duration: 8 minutes)

Executing Manual Test Runs

  • Launch the Test Run
  • Log Test Step results
  • Log Test Case results
  • Log overall Test Run results
  • 3:10 minutes
  • Testing/Running%20Manual%20Tests%20%284%20of%204-%20Polarion%20Test%20Management%20tutorial%29.mp4
(Duration: )


Project Basics (Part 1)

  • Who can create projects - permissions
  • Location(s) for new projects
  • How to create a project
(Duration: 6:45 minutes)

Project Basics (Part 2)

  • Projects from existing folders
  • Adding users to projects
  • Archiving and deleting projects
(Duration: 6:40 minutes)


SCRUM Your Requirements

  • Create a SCRUM project for requirements
  • Define time point and sprints
  • Sprint administration basics
  • Import requirements from Word
  • Monitor sprint progress
(Duration: 13:32)

Configure Your personal working calendar

  • Manage the global working calendar
  • Adjust your personal calendar
  • Change your weekly availability
  • Add non-working time like holidays
(Duration: 3:30 minutes)

Exporting Work Reports

  • Create work reports out of Polarion
  • Group your work reports based on different criteria
  • Create daily, weekly and monthly work reports
(Duration: 4 minutes)

Version Control

  • Exploring the Polarion repository
  • Repo Browser main features
  • Finding revisions
  • Folder and file actions
  • Using external SVN clients
(Duration: 8:26 minutes)

Configuration and Administration

Understanding Config & Admin Scope

  • Repository/global scope
  • Project scope
  • Hands-on example
  • Best practices
(Duration: 5:48 minutes)

Customizing Link Roles and Rules

  • What are link roles & what do they do?
  • View & customize link roles
  • View & customize link role rules
  • Roles & rules applies
(Duration: 10 minutes)

Basic Workflow Configuration

  • Global & item specific workflow configuration
  • Define states for your workflow
  • Define actions/transitions between states
  • Invoke workflow actions on work items
(Duration: 6:38 minutes)

Creating and Changing Timepoints

  • What is a Timepoint?
  • Find all work items for a given Timepoint
  • Reschedule a work item to a different Timepoint
  • Creating new Timepoints
(Duration: 3 minutes)