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Free Subversion Data Migration Tool: Importer for SVN

SVN Importer logo Recent industry analyst reports show Subversion as the clear market leader in SCCM (source control - change management) tools. Subversion's benefits are clear, but data migration from your present version control system to Subversion can be a daunting barrier, fraught with risk — unless you have a good repository migration tool. Enter Importer for SVN by Polarion®. This free data migration and repository conversion tool enables you to migrate to Subversion quickly and safely from several commonly-used change management tools..

Subversion migration from CVS, PVCS, VSS, ClearCase, MKS, StarTeam

With our free SVN import tool, you can...

For details on migrating to Subversion from any of the above version control tools, click any of the listed links, or visit the data migration features page.

Migrate to Subversion Even Faster

Polarion Software has the expertise and the experience to help your organization migrate to Subversion safely and smoothly, and get your team up to speed with Subversion fast. While you download our free Subversion migration tool, be sure to read about expert Subversion services from Polarion Software.

Subversion: much more than Version Control!

Did you know that Subversion's capabilities make it an ideal foundation for managing your entire development processes? With Subversion as the underlying repository for all development artifacts, Polarion's tools deliver a wide range of fully integrated features and capabilities, covering Requirements Management, Project Management, Bug Tracking, Team Collaboration, Process Management and more. We have products that deliver just the capabilities you need today, and let you move up seamlessly and painlessly tomorrow. And it's all done with Subversion!

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