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Subversive SVN Team Provider Connector Discovery

Subversive's Connector Discovery feature makes the process of finding and installing SVN Connectors much faster and easier than it was in versions before 0.7.8.I20090808-1900, when the installation process went like this:

  • Install Subversive from 2 different update sites: one for SVN Team Provider and another for SVN Connectors
  • There were many combinations for installing Subversive and SVN Connectors, and some of these combinations were not compatible

The Connector Discovery feature greatly simplifies the things. Now you can install only Subversive SVN Team Provider. The next time Eclipse starts, on the first call to any Subversive functionality the Connector Discovery feature will detect that there are no connectors installed and will launch a dialog which displays the SVN Connectors you need and enables download and installation:

Subversive Connectors Discovery dialog