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Subversion User Access Management Power Tool – AccessSVN

AccessSVN logo Subversion's native user and permissions administration is fine when you don't have large numbers of users, but as every enterprise SVN administrator knows, things get challenging when the number of users starts getting big. Editing the access file just doesn't cut it after a point, especially when the enterprise is standardized on LDAP and SVN user accounts need to be in sync.

Polarion® AccessSVN™ is a commercial, web based administration tool for managing users and permissions for Subversion repositories on a large scale. It's designed to make life easier, and user/permissions management faster and more efficient for enterprise level SVN administrators.

Capabilities and Features

Permissions Administration:

  • Browse SVN repository and view access rights for users and groups
  • Filter directories by access rights, with full rights details
  • Manage access rights for any directory
  • Watch effective users for any directory

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Rights Search:

  • Search directories by access rights
  • View extended rights details

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Group Administration:

  • View filtered listings of groups
  • View and manage groups details including members, permissions, assignments

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User Administration:

  • View filtered lists of users
  • View groups to which users belong
  • View user permissions
  • Manage assignments

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Access file management:

  • Generate SVN Access file
  • Synchronize with SVN Access file
  • Synchronize SVN Access file with LDAP

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To use it, you need:

  • Apache Tomcat (bundled with distribution)
  • Subversion
  • LDAP