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The Need for Painless ALM

"In comparison to other systems working with Polarion ALM is a walk in the park"

Philippe Meuli
VP Software Quality & Processes,
Swisslog AG

Application Lifecycle Management is the next, state-of-the-art proposition in the software development tools market. In a time of tightening budgets, changing business needs, industry consolidations and increasingly global operations, applications must be managed in a complex, challenging and dynamic business environment. Early ALM tools pieced together different tools and systems to manage the development process; but, these fragile integrations, still in place in many organizations today, are typically fraught with painful challenges:

  • Steep learning curves: Point solutions with different user interfaces for different functions and data output formats that do not work well together
  • Fragmented information: Data not tailored to the different needs of different stakeholders from C-level executives to developers to requirements engineers. QA specialists, and others in the process
  • Disconnected sources: First-generation "integrations" that provide no single point of information access, making users switch between disconnected tools
  • Fragility: Point solutions from different vendors or teams that fail when even small bug-fixes break the integration
  • Incompatible work modes: Requirements engineers work with static documents, engineering teams need data-driven, dynamic environments
  • Proprietary formats: Point solutions with proprietary formats lack the open framework needed for effective information interchange
  • High entry cost: Proprietary integrations make it expensive to acquire, implement and maintain ALM solutions.

Leading industry analysts have pointed to a large percentage of companies and teams who have thus far been reluctant to adopt broader ALM practices in their process exactly because to date, ALM solutions have simply had too many pain points. At Polarion Software, our goal is to make ALM as easy, productive, and painless for organizations to manage their software development process as the IDE has made it for developers to manage writing code.

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